Do I need a building permit?

To add a new question gIn most cases a permit will need to be obtained from the local building department prior to the start of remediation or re-construction. North Bay Environmental has years of experience working with all of the local building departments including: City of Santa Rosa Building Department City of Windsor Building Department City of Cotati Building Department City of Petaluma Building Department Sonoma County Building Department Marin County Building Department We will help you through the process and do all the necessary permitting that is required.o to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Can smoke damaged belongings be cleaned?

Yes, the smoke smell can be removed from most items using a variety of cleaning techniques.

Mold Removal

What is the pressurized plastic wall?

I noticed that your company is working on a mold problem down the street from my house. There is a temporary plastic wall in the kitchen and nook area. Why is this area pressurized? This containment area is actually under negative pressure. This is to prevent the migration of mold spores into uncontaminated areas of the house while the remediation work is in progress. HEPA filtered air scrubbers are used to create the negative pressure, and it should be exhausted to the outdoors.

What type of mold removal equipment do you use?

There are a variaty of types of mold removal equipment that are commonly used on a mold project. We always use equipment that meets HEPA Standards such as: Negitive Air Units HEPA Air Scubbers (500 CFM) HEPA Air Scubbers (2000 CFM) HEPA Vacuums Dehumidifiers

Can I wipe off mold from drywall? husband and I have been having a disagreement about a mold problem in our bedroom closet. He washed the wall with bleach and says that is all we need to do. Now I see dark shadows on the wall next to this one. It looks like mold to me but my husband disagrees. Do you think we need to call you to come look and how much will you charge us? My husband says if you think it sounds bad he will do what you say. Also the wall he washed is real soft to the touch now. Thank you! Recently we were asked a question about mold on drywall and here was our answer: 1. I always say that you do not have a mold problem, you have a moisture problem. Mold will not grow without moisture. Mold is simply a result. Fix your moisture problem so that you wont get mold growth. 2. Mold stains. You can not get rid of it unless you paint. Then it will likely grow back because it has roots just like a weed that is deeper in the drywall paper. Even if the moisture problem is corrected, normal humidity fluctuations can cause the mold to grow back. 3. There may be something going on behind the wall. Plumbing, exterior leak, or roof leak? Otherwise condensation? Find your water issue first. This may require demo which would fix issue #2 above. 4. The only acceptable mold removal standard (IICRC S520) for drywall is for removal of the drywall as stated in #2 but if you are not worried about potential health issues then a 10% mixture of bleach to water solution will work if followed up with an encapsulant like Kills® and then re-paint. This is only if #1 above was corrected.

How long will a mold project take?

A typical mold project is completed in three pases:

  • Mold Containment
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Cleaning
Each phase will vary depending on the complexity of the project. However, in general terms, the time spent on each phase is usually about the same. The exact amount of time it takes to successfully complete a mold project is unique to each project.

Mold Testing

How to choose an Environmental Consultant

Environmental consultants should be experts in indoor air quality, and should have extensive knowledge and experience in mold remediation. Many people confuse “Environmental Consultant” with “Certified Industrial Hygienist”, but there is a difference. Certified Industrial hygienists (CIH) have vast knowledge of the indoor environment including HVAC systems, transport mechanisms, radon and other nonorganic contaminants, VOCs, electromagnetics, ergonomics, lighting, and many other things that affect the working environment within a commercial structure. Some CIHs are experts in the field of mold remediation, but many are not—in fact, there are no mold related questions on the CIH Exam.
Environmental Consultants have varying degrees of knowledge and experience. There is no government certification like there is with the CIH so the level of expertise is inconsistent. But if you know what you’re looking for, an environmental consultant may be the way to go.
Several years ago there were many organizations that provided training and certification in mold remediation and mold consulting. Anyone could attend a one day seminar and call themselves “mold experts.” The industry has had a consolidation and reorganization, and now there is only one organization that is accepted industry-wide as the mold certifying body: ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification)

What is Relative Humidity and what is the normal range of RH in the home?

Relative Humidity is the ratio of the actual amount of moisture in the air at a specific temperature. The optimum range for health purposes is 40 - 60% RH.

Water Damage

When should I start drying out my home?

Moisture is the key ingrediant in mold growth. The drying process should start with in 24 hours after the building materials got wet in order to prevent mold growth.

What is Relative Humidity and what is the normal range of RH in the home?

Relative Humidity is the ratio of the actual amount of moisture in the air at a specific temperature. The optimum range for health purposes is 40 - 60% RH.


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