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Expert Mold Contributor

We are very pleased that we have been selected to be an expert mold contributor by Diamond Certified. We were featured in the Marin Independent Journal on November 17, 2016. Read the article below featuring our mold expert Dave Keith.

"Dave Keith: The Remediator

By JAMES FLORENCE, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter A longtime construction professional, Dave Keith saw the burgeoning mold remediation industry as a chance to utilize his expertise to help those in need. “I have a family background in construction and devel- opment, so I’ve basically been involved in the field since the fourth grade,” he explains. “As the public awareness about mold and its effects began to rise in the late ’90s, I realized it was an area I could specialize in that would allow me to help people who were having mold problems in their homes.” Dave’s first foray into professional mold remediation was a joint venture with his brother, who brought along his own pertinent experience...Continued at"

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